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Best practice, informed by the latest research and years of experience.

The Dementia Centre was founded by HammondCare in 1995 and has become recognised as a leading resource and research centre for aged care, both nationally and internationally. Our journey has been one of partnerships with leading research and industry organisations, health care providers and carers, education institutions and communities. Central to the work of the Dementia Centre is our dedication to defining and informing the provision of care and an enhanced quality of life for people of all ages living with dementia and their families.

Our Services include:

  • Consultancy on all aspects of dementia care.
    • The experienced, passionate and practical consultant team can offer suggestions and support on a variety of topics including environmental design, managing behaviours of concern, and developing care cultures that place the individual first.
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  • Education and customised training
    • Developed to help achieve best outcomes for people living with dementia. These programs can be tailored to suit your setting, or a specific event that meets the needs of your team. 
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  • Design review and advice of care environments
    • Based on our organisation's years of experience, this is a specialised service to support building owners, managers and designers planning for the improvement of care settings.
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  • Publications, books and ebooks
    • The Dementia Centre shares its expertise through books and products that help carers and services develop a better understanding of supporting people living with dementia. Many are free resources, others are available at a small cost. For reference and inspiration, visit our download section or browse the online shop.
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  • Digital tools
  • Free Downloads
    • A variety of practical references readily available to download
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  • Conferences
    • Internationally renowned, our conferences are the pivotal point of our year, bringing national and international experts in all aspects of dementia and aged care together. The 2016 conference is titled ‘Grand Designs "Are we there yet?"
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  • Workshops and seminars
    • Best practice, informed by the latest research and years of experience comes together in our workshop and seminar series. Check our calendars for coming events
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  • Dementia Care Essentials
    • Recognised as nationally accredited Units of Competency from the Community Services Training Package 2008 (CHC08), Two DCE courses are provided to meet the needs of two levels of worker. For Registered and Enrolled Nurses both courses are accredited for RCNA CNE points, a Commonwealth Government (Department of Health and Ageing) dementia care training initiative.
  • Information and news
    • Supporting our research-into-practice approach, stay in touch online, our information services focus on supporting care workers and finding solutions to the many dilemmas carers face when they are supporting people with dementia.
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  • Research on issues around dementia.
    • Research translated into practice is the heart of the Dementia Centre. HammondCare’s history of research forms the foundation for Dementia Centre activities. We are actively involved in research into issues surrounding dementia and aged care, through independent studies, collaborations and research partnerships. The results of this research is incorporated into our consultants’ advice, training and publications.
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