Deafness & Dementia

Helping with the sensory impacts of dementia

Dementia is about more than memory loss. For someone who is deaf, the impact of living with dementia can be great as they experience feelings of isolation and become disconnected from their community.

With the support of The Deafness Foundation, we have developed two free guides for families and friends, and care staff respectively.

These informative resources aim to help you understand what the person living with deafness and dementia might be experiencing. They provide practical tips and advice to help you care for someone who is deaf living with dementia, and enable them to remain engaged with their community.

The booklets have been informed by the knowledge and experience of deaf people, the people caring for them, and dementia experts.

Download Deafness & Dementia Guides


So happy to meet you

We were delighted to fund the development of the short film So Happy to Meet You. The film shares the story of MJ Grant and her mother Carmen, and their experience of living with deafness and dementia.

At the beginning of the project, we captured a very special moment between MJ and her mother in this short clip Dementia Can Be Beautiful. 



For MJ and Carmen, their hands tether their connection and love to each other. It’s a beautiful lesson on taking the time to reconnect and communicate with each other, whatever the situation.


Watch the full short film