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Our DeMEntia Design School for people living with dementia was held in Birmingham, UK earlier this year

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The idea for the design school arose from a debate between Agnes Houston and Colm Cunningham at the 2016 International Dementia Conference.

Agnes Houston is living with dementia in Scotland.  People living with dementia have in many cases learned to live with environmental barriers and have developed personal solutions to these challenges that people who do not have dementia could learn from. This combination of lived experience and design expertise was the basis for the DeMEntia Design School, co-hosted by Agnes and Colm. 

The event was attended by people with dementia from across the UK and Ireland with a programme developed by Dr Julie Christie and Agnes over many months. Professor Mary Marshall delivered a series of lectures on the principles of design and learning.  Sessions were held on aspects of design, including light, sound, thermal comfort, colour and contrast.

These co-produced design schools will give people living with dementia the unique opportunity to work together with design experts in order to contribute their own ideas, knowledge and leadership to the creation of dementia-inclusive environments.

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