Sway D2 TT toilet seat

Sway D2 TT toilet seat


Pressalit designs products that help people with special needs. It's latest product, endorsed by Dementia Choices, is the Sway D2 TT toilet seat. It has been specifically designed for people with dementia – empowering people with limited abilities and allowing them to keep their independence.

Key benefits:

  • The two-tone lid (white on the inside and black, to match the seat, on the outside) gives better definition to the seat for someone with lower vision or visuoperceptual difficulties, while being practical and looking familiar
  • The matte finish minimises potentially confusing reflections
  • The soft-close function reduces noise
  • The seat lifts off for easy, thorough cleaning
  • Durable material and a ten-year warranty mean it’s unlikely to break or cause injury
  • Plenty of colours are available to provide the best tonal contrast with surroundings


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If you are interested in becoming an endorsed Dementia Choices supplier, contact us today.

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