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We interact with thousands of products every day. Flooring beneath our feet, door handles in our grasp, lighting showing us the way.

Someone with a diagnosis of dementia is more profoundly affected by their immediate environment than someone without. They are more reliant on their environment to indicate to them what they can do, where they are, and if they are okay.

Have you ever been soaked by an automatic tap in an airport toilet? Rest assured – it wasn’t your fault – you can blame poor design for your sense of frustration and embarrassment. The person living with dementia has a higher risk of similar experiences of failure and impairment in almost every area of their environment.


The importance of Dementia friendly products around the home


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Product design

When assessing environments, we find that it is often product design that lets the person living with dementia down. The vinyl creates too much glare, or the hand dryer is too loud. Signage is infantile, or the taps are too difficult to use. The knock-on effect is that the person is impaired, and this can create frustration, anxiety or a sense of failure.

The premise, first explained by gerontologist Dr. Powell Lawton, is that the more impaired you are – the more the environment should compensate for your impairments. Not only do we have to think of the impairments of dementia (like visuoperceptual difficulties, a reduced ability to work things out, and to learn new things) but we should compensate for the varied impairments of ageing – poorer hearing, mobility, vision and strength.

Regulations and guidance

Increasingly, regulations and guidance are recognising the importance the environment plays in good quality care – reflected in the recent update to the Australian Aged Care Quality Standards which now require that organisations demonstrate that ‘the service environment is welcoming and easy to understand, and optimises each consumer’s sense of belonging, independence, interaction and function.’[1]

[1] Australian Aged Care Quality Standards - Standard 5. An organisation's service environment*


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