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Colours of yesterday by Annette Innis is a new adult colouring book specifically designed for older people.

Dazzling doses of flavour combined with appetising injections of creativity, delivered in just the right way to enjoy for days or decades!

Showing the way: Developing an evaluation framework for signage for people living with dementia. 

My home, my life: Practical ideas for people with dementia and carers brings together the voice of people with dementia and carers with the best learning from research and care experience to provide insightful tips, strategies and real-life stories to support greater independence.


The room outside is the long-awaited new book from Annie Pollock who with Colm Cunningham advocates strongly for well-designed gardens and outdoor spaces with ease of access to enhance the lives of older people and people with dementia.

Older people need about twice as much light as younger people to accomplish everyday tasks comfortably and the need is even greater for people with dementia. Enlighten: Lighting for older people and people with dementia provides general insights for a broad readership, recommendations for care professionals and detailed technical information for engineers, architects and designers responsible for new buildings, refurbishments and alterations.