To support someone living with dementia see the person, not the behaviour

The BPSD Textbook is major new release with the potential to redefine a relationship-based care approach for people living with BPSD around the world.

Introducing the new BPSD Textbook

Improve your understanding and support for people experiencing behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). 

Edited by experts in the field of complex dementia support, the BPSD Textbook is essential reading for all health professionals working with people living with BPSD. Born out the research and practice built up over nearly 30 years of caring for people living with dementia at HammondCare, the book includes case studies illustrating how understanding the person, rather than focusing on the behaviour, produces better outcomes.

The book outlines how favouring a holistic, relationship-based approach over pharmacological interventions can have a positive impact on the person’s quality of life.


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