'The Cancer Pain Book': A practical tool to ease cancer pain

HammondCare has launched the latest book in its Pain Series, The Cancer Pain Book, which provides a holistic approach to pain management for people with cancer. This practical guide is designed to help people with cancer pain move, relax, breathe, reflect and live.

Move Relax Breathe Reflect & Live. Discover the simple and practical step-by-step guide to managing cancer painPain is one of the most common and feared symptoms associated with cancer. Untreated cancer pain can affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, impacting day to day activities and relationships with family and friends.

Although not all cancer pain can be eliminated with available treatments, it’s important for people living with pain to know there is the possibility of relief gained from the practical steps outlined in the book.

Speaking at the launch, General Manager of Health & Palliative Care at HammondCare, Dr Andrew Montague, described how pain is a very personal thing and it’s difficult for us to understand what someone is going through when they are experiencing it. “We know that more than 50% of people living with cancer experience pain and are often desperately looking for answers without just relying on medication.”

A/Prof Melanie Lovell, founding Chair of the Australian Cancer Pain Management Guideline Working Party and co-author of The Cancer Pain Book, said cancer pain is becoming an increasing challenge as the population ages. “Thanks to improvements in cancer treatment, people are living longer with cancer, and are often undergoing treatment for longer. This results in more people living with cancer pain.

“Our focus is to improve the quality of life of those most in need through research and innovation. The Cancer Pain Book draws on the latest research on both conventional medicine and complementary therapies, to assist people to live better without reliance on drugs.”              

Cassandra Bennett, who wrote the foreword for the book and was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018, spoke of being a happy, busy mum of two young boys at the time of diagnosis and how life changed with surgery, hospital visits and chemotherapy.

“This is a brilliant resource,” said Cassandra. “The Cancer Pain Book introduces a new way to think about treating cancer pain. There is much to be learned about treating pain in a personal and nuanced way, which is the wisdom you can gain from this resource.”

The book provides proven techniques including exercise, relaxation, meditation and psychological tools, which not only support patients with the management of pain, but also help build a positive mental attitude and resilience.

An interactive app is the perfect accompaniment, featuring a range of practical guided meditations and exercises via audio and video that help put the techniques from the book into practice.

Written by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians with 85 years’ combined experience in cancer, pain research and management, A/Prof Melanie Lovell, Prof Phil Siddall, Rebecca McCabe, and Dr Skye Dong, The Cancer Pain Book is the third title in the Pain Series, following The Pain Book (2013) and The Spinal Cord Injury Pain Book (2014).

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