New podcast focuses on latest thinking and evidence in dementia care


‘The Dementia Podcast,’ presented by The Dementia Centre’s Director, Associate Professor Colm Cunningham has been created to provide the latest research insights, advice, information, and resources for people living with and caring for those with dementia. 

Each episode shares the unique perspectives of expert invited guests covering a range of current topics in the dementia field including; behaviour, design, music, palliative care, pain, and person-centred stories. The diverse program has something for everyone interested in best practice dementia care, whether they be a health care professional, a student, a carer, or someone living with dementia. 

“I am so excited to be sharing all the knowledge and expertise we have both within The Dementia Centre and HammondCare but also with external experts through The Dementia Podcast,” says Colm.

“This medium is so accessible to so many people, both in Australia and across the globe, and it is my hope that The Dementia Podcast will be an invaluable resource to many.”

Since its inception in December of 2020, ‘The Dementia Podcast’ has released a number of episodes, starting with a focus on providing support and advice over the holiday period in a series called ‘Talking Christmas’.

Other episodes on the theme of ‘Understanding Behaviour’ examined behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia through the clinical perspective provided by Professor Steve Macfarlane and the personable experience of Gina, a daughter caring for her father with dementia. 

And hear from Agnes Houston who shares her perspective of living with dementia and the experience of sensory changes and the development of her acclaimed book “Talking Sense: Living with sensory challenges and dementia.”

Most recently, ‘The Dementia Podcast’ released a hotly debated topic, ‘Would I lie to you’,  with a panel discussion with HammondCare CEO Mike Baird, Chief Operating and Risk Officer Angela Raguz, and care staff Donna and Rafaella. 

This important discussion reflected on the ‘white lie’ in dementia care, and the impact of commonplace care practices that may at their core be a lie. 

“The reality of looking after someone who is cognitively impaired is that the harsh truth or a white lie can equally either help the person or not,” says Angela.

“There’s a challenge that you want to be as truthful as you can, you want to treat with as much as respect and dignity as anyone regardless of whether they have dementia or not,” explained Mike.

‘The Dementia Podcast’ can be accessed through all podcast sharing platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts as well as the Dementia Centre website. 

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