Dementia Choices introduces Pressalit endorsed product

The Dementia Centre proudly presents the first product endorsement through the Dementia Choices programme: the SWAY D2 TT designed by Danish company PRESSALIT.

PRESSALIT have being making bathroom products since 1954 with a focus on high-quality fittings many which are designed to make life easier for people with disabilities. 

Their new product - SWAY D2 TT - was specifically designed with people living with dementia in mind. While already a great product, the Dementia Choices program highlighted some product improvements which PRESSALIT were easily able to implement. 

 Key features include:

  • A two tone lid - white on the inside and black (to match the seat) on the outside. This makes the seat area more defined for someone with lower vision or the visuo-perceptual difficulties associated with dementia, while still retaining a familiar appearance and the practicality of a lid. 
  • A matte finish - this minimises potentially confusing reflections - again great for lower vision
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of modern toilet pans
  • Soft-closing function minimises noise
  • Simple lift-off function for easy and thorough cleaning
  • A strong and durable product, unlikely to break or cause injury
  • A durable finish, colour ingrained duroplast with a 10-year warranty
  • Additional options on colours available to allow the best possible tonal contrast with surroundings

The  Dementia Choices programme recognises well designed products with the goal of making everyday life more comfortable for people living with dementia.


Pressalit photo

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