Dogs4Dementia is a partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia and is the first time in Australia that expert Dementia Consultants have partnered with skilled Assistance Dogs Australia trainers to place dogs into the homes of people living with dementia.

Dogs4Dementia provides a dog to a person with dementia and their carer that is carefully chosen to match their household personalities and then specially trained to meet their specific needs. It is hoped that these dogs will promote greater independence, confidence, and allow people who have dementia to remain living at home for longer. The program is based on a successful program run by Alzheimer Scotland.

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Dogs4Dementia - Changing lives one dog at a time.

We received over 400 expressions of interest for this innovative project. The findings from this pilot program have demonstrated excellent outcomes including opportunities for greater autonomy for the person living with dementia and their carer. We are now seeking funding to continue the Dogs4Dementia program.

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