Dementia Cottage Experience

Date: 7 December 2017
Location: Sydney
Venue: The Village Centre, 11-23 Judd Avenue, Hammondville
Event type: Workshop
Cost: $299.00
Dementia Cottage Experience
Not quite sure what you want to build or planning a refurbishment of your residential or community care setting?

Dementia Cottage Experience workshops provide you with an interactive educational opportunity to:

  • See the principles of dementia design in practice

  • Experience international design expertise alongside a guided tour of an empty cottage

  • Ask questions on the environment and the translation into practice

The dignity and privacy of residents at HammondCare is our priority. We know, however, that many people would like the opportunity to view these facilities and see how HammondCare has contributed to international research and translated this into practice. To enable you to experience this without disrupting HammondCare residents, we conduct these workshop experiences in an empty cottage.


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Dementia Cottage Experience