International Design School

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International Design School
Learn the fundamentals of designing for dementia in this interactive and intensive two day workshop.

Perfect for architects, designers and dementia care decision makers - this innovative two day course will be led by experts from the International Design School. Over the course of two days you’ll learn the principles of designing for dementia, strategies for successful design and the tools to turn your design concept into reality.

Core modules will include:

  • Introduction to Dementia and Why Design Matters
  • General Principles For Designing Better Buildings
  • Developing A Brief and Communicating Well

Elective ‘Design Basics’ modules will include:

  • Inside Spaces
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Hearing, Sound and the Acoustic Environment
  • Colour and Contrast
  • Signage, Wayfinding and Navigating Spaces
  • Dining and Design
  • Evaluating (Auditing) Environments
  • HammondCare Model of Care and Integrating Design
See what our past students have to say about the International Design School

“The best part of the International Design School was learning what is current and working now from experts.”

“Exceptional course, expertly facilitated. I took a lot out of this experience.”

“Thank you again for a great couple of days and for all that you are doing to improve the environments, the homes, the education and the love that we can give these beautiful people living with dementia.”

“An excellent overview of design for residents of dementia and how important this is for quality of life.”

The Dementia Centre can bring this workshop to your team and venue. A bespoke Design School is tailored to your organisation’s needs and can incorporate specific building projects. Bringing your property development team together to workshop your building project enables you to translate learning directly to the building design and create spaces which support people living with dementia.


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International Design School