Music engagement in dementia care

Music is food for the soul. It opens the door for self-expression, choice, and belonging. The use of music engagement in dementia care enables people who are living with a cognitive disability to make genuine connections.

Music can provide comfort, emotional support and create a calming atmosphere but it can also create environments that encourage expression and creativity. Attend one of our Music Engagement workshops to gain an understanding of the role that music can play in addressing experiences of pain, loneliness, anxiety and unmet needs.

Workshop topics covered include:

  • Benefits of engaging a person living with dementia through music
  • Music engagement as part of everyday practice
  • Simple practice guidelines to empower staff to make things happen
  • Appraise barriers and devise possible strategies for success
  • Discussions with families and colleagues to rebuild connections.

Learn from evidence-based research on how to improve support for people living with dementia. All attendees will receive a copy of the newly published best seller ‘Music Remembers Me.’

Changing the culture of care

Dementia Centre Music Engagement Education aims to bring about a paradigm shift that repositions music from an ‘every-now-and-then’ or weekly intervention provided by a visiting expert, to an everyday experience embedded in the culture of daily care.

We want to emphasise personhood and meaningful experience in-the-moment, rather than seeing this as a form of ‘therapy.’

At HammondCare, music is all about building relationships, engaging people and seeing them engage with others.

Frank’s* story

Music engagement web

Frank is a resident at HammondCare’s Leighton Lodge in North Turramurra. Born in Greece, he emigrated from South Africa where he lived for much of his life and worked as a dentist.

Frank lives with dementia and, following a recent hip replacement, he became despondent and withdrawn. His daughter-in-law visits regularly and sits with him, listening to traditional Greek music and hymns. The music engagement group started adding more of Frank’s musical preferences to a daily playlist for him.

When he listens to his music, his eyes open widely and he taps along to the rhythm with his hands. On occasion, he has been known to speak clearly and loudly, when listening to hymns, in a way that he hasn’t done for years.

Frank has regained a strong connection with music and is visibly enlivened and engaged when he listens to it.

*Some details changed to protect privacy


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