Dementia Capability Compass


Accreditation for professionals

The Dementia Capability Compass is an Accreditation Framework that aims to demonstrate your capability across key domains and professional standards including:


• Demonstrating person centred practice

• Currency in evidence based practice knowledge

• Competence and skills in application of evidence

• Demonstration of capacity building for teams and individual to support effective sustainable care

• Values based multidisciplinary working

• Skills and competence in clinical practice and evidence based understanding of complex needs

• Understanding and management capability of clinical and psychosocial factors in behaviour responses


The framework is underpinned by a capability model that inspires the development of professional practice which is adaptable and responds to change. 

The Dementia Capability Compass recognises the ability to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact and effects of behaviours for the individual living with dementia, their families and those involved in their care.


Dementia Capability Compass supports the awarding of accreditation through:

Recognising a high standard of practice and strong capability in the provision of dementia specific expert consulting services

Evidencing individual knowledge, skills and abilities

Commitment to person centred care

Confirmation of capability to serve people living with dementia 


To find out more about this professional accreditation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone (Australia) +61 2 8437 7355  (Europe) +44(0) 7787 168 168.