Bespoke Design Masterclasses

Recognised globally for its expertise in helping create enabling environments for people living with dementia, the Dementia Centre is thrilled to offer new bespoke Design Masterclasses.

The tailored classes are aimed at people working with or supporting people with dementia including design teams, care home groups, housing providers and housing support organisations, dementia care providers and anyone with an interest in the care of people living with dementia.

The course can be delivered at any workplace in a format that meets the needs of each individual, organisation and its staff. Participants will receive the tools to turn their design concept into reality.

Design topics include:

• Introduction to Dementia and Why Design Matters
• General Principles for Designing Better Buildings
• Developing a Brief and Communicating Well
• Inside Spaces
• Outdoor Spaces
• Hearing, Sound and the Acoustic Environment
• Colour and Contrast
• Signage, Wayfinding and Navigating Spaces
• Dining and Design
• Evaluating and Auditing Environments
• The HammondCare Model: integrating care and design.


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