Memory Collage RPM

Memory Collage RPM

The Creative Printer

Memory Collage is a simple concept that allows care providers and families to personalise the environment for their patients or loved ones.

For the care home, hospital or individual emails, these digital files of photos (4 or 6) for printing are on durable repositionable film and displayed in a clear and attractive way.

This can be mounted within an existing frame or printed with a ‘frame’ included. This product is particularly suitable for hospital environments where patient stay can be short, personalisation is often very hard, and environments can be hostile. It's an easy and low-cost way to improve recognisability and familiarity in the care space.

The images can be brightened or enlarged and have a matte finish, increasing the likelihood of a person being able to recognise and engage with them. This product has the potential to make a positive impact on patient experience, especially in more clinical environments.

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