Angela Raguz

Angela Raguz

General Manager Dementia Centre

Angela is regarded as an Australian leader in dementia care, both in residential and ‘at home’ care.

In 2020 HammondCare provided care for than 1,600 people in residential services across sites in NSW and Victoria. In her role as Chief Operating and Risk Officer for the Dementia Centre, Angela is involved in the planning, construction and start-up of new services, and oversees Quality Safety and Risk across the organisation.

With a strong history in leading the Residential Care team and overseeing Quality Safety and Risk, Angela supports existing and new managers so that the philosophy of care is well and uniformly understood, and ensures that what we say we want achieved and what happens is in alignment with our philosophy and practiced daily in the services we provide. Involvement in the conception to planning stage of a residential service to the commencement and every day operation means she is highly qualified in best-practice dementia design, and quality service delivery and improvement.

Angela has worked in the aged care industry for 25 years and is a Registered Nurse. During this time, she has managed both dementia-specific and general residential aged care facilities.