Dignity in Care Australia

Dignity: it’s all about how you feel, think and behave in relation to yourself and others. The pleasure
in sharing a meal, the memory of an old song, the touch of a hand on yours – and how we share those
experiences with those around us.

Thank you to all the delegates who attended the 2015 Dignity in Care Conference

Be part of the challenge, be part of the change.



Maggie Beer

Australian food icon and the
Patron of Dignity in Care 

Peter Morgan-Jones

Executive Chef and Food

Dr Andrew Rochford

Health Expert and Australian
Media Personality

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What was on the menu


  • Palliative Care Specialist shares how to nourish the body and lift your soul
  • Traditional bush tucker for elders
  • Eating and drinking at the end of life
  • Prevention of weight loss in early dementia


  • Bringing together the magic of Dinner and Dance
  • Food created with love and care by Country Women's Association
  • Don't give me mushy food, please


  • Dining by Design - Maggie Beer, Simon Bryant and Peter Morgan Jones
  • Kiss me - Practical oral health, you have to hear this!
  • Eat, Pray, Respect - Nourishing your body, lifting the soul

Proudly sponsored by:

Dementia Centre                  Office of Ageing South Australia Health