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For organisations seeking a range of high quality aged care training options, Hammond College offers tailored solutions for every situation.

HammondCare is one Australia’s leading health and aged care organisations, with a long history of providing leading edge training courses to thousands of health care professionals across Australia and internationally.

Hammond College provides specialised and tailored health, aged care and management courses which have been developed by our team of experts for the specific needs, standards and regulatory requirements of the health and aged care sectors.  Our experienced and qualified staff come from diverse professional backgrounds, and have all worked directly with older people in a range of settings. With partnership agreements in place with over 15 Universities, nationally and internationally, HammondCare is a recognised facilitator of health professional clinical experience and development, across the full range of health disciplines, including nursing, medicine and allied health.
The Hammond College provides training courses for residential aged care services, at-home care, rehabilitation, mental health and hospital services, as well as designing specific tailored programs to ensure the learning experience meets the individual’s needs of staff and organisations. Hammond College prides itself on up to date, research grounded, evidence-based practise. 

Hammond College is a supportive and flexible education and training organisation, and offers a one-stop resource for all your learning and development needs, with a focus on measurable outcomes and positive results to transform people into competent and capable health professionals. At the heart of Hammond College is HammondCare’s mission "Our passion is improving the quality of life for people in need". This philosophy echoes throughout our training materials and is the ethos which drives our organisation.

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Hammond College is available to partner organisations and government bodies for training programs to build capacity in the health and aged care the sector.



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