Our Partners

University of Edinburgh

In partnership with University of Edinburgh, the Dementia Centre is pleased to offer the MSc Dementia: International Experience, Policy and Practice is an exciting, cutting-edge, new programme which has been developed in consultation with people with dementia.

This program is an on-line distance program which usually takes 2- 3 years however may take up to 6 years complete.  Click here for more information, including costs (in £).

The Dementia Centre supports the program by providing additional support to Oceanic students through cluster groups and from the January intake in enrolment for Australian students.
The Dementia Centre and university of Edinburgh also partner on a range of research projects and innovative projects.

Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (E-CRED)

Our partnership with the Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (E-CRED), at the University of Edinburgh, facilitates our shared ambitions to create international social research and impact that prioritises the experience of dementia and strengthens global understanding of living with dementia. Dr Julie Christie is a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.


Virtual Reality Empathy Platform (VR-EP)

This world first virtual reality device will help commissioners, architects and designers create enabling environments by understanding how dementia can affect a person’s vision. VR-EP uses state of the art virtual reality technology to allow users to 'enter' and explore 3D environments with an applied dementia filter, simulating the visual impairments that a person living with dementia might have. The platform allows users to experience how good design can mitigate feelings of disorientation and anxiety in the creation of homely, familiar, comforting and appropriate environments. VR-EP can be used in the design of new buildings such as care homes, hospitals or sheltered housing, or to assess existing buildings and environments.

 The project represents a collaboration between the Dementia Centre, HammondCare, Aitken Turnbull Architects and Wireframe Immersive.


Find out more: http://vr-ep.com/



Design Consultancy Services


 Our design experts can support your project from strategic brief through to handover and operations. Contact us at dementia@hammondcare.com or on +44 (0) 7787 168168 for more information about:

 -       Dementia Specific Design Consultancy

-        Dementia Design Endorsement

-       International Dementia Design Schools

-       Bespoke Dementia Design Training


Knowledge Exchange

Scottish Universities Insight Institute ‘Widening choices for people with dementia: What can Scotland learn from Australia and Japan about alternative housing-with-care models?’ This project marks a new interdisciplinary collaboration between research centres at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. It addresses an emerging situation affecting people with dementia who, mainly due to policy developments such as Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy, have received an early diagnosis of dementia and have now been living with dementia for five plus years. Some of these people have coined the phrase ‘the new dementia’ because their experience defies dominant medical understandings of the middle stage of dementia. People in this group continue to lead active lives, and, while they do need support and may not be able to stay at home much longer, they have expressed that they are not ready to move to institutional-like care homes. This project aims to support people with dementia, policy makers and other stakeholders in Scotland to learn from Australia and Japan about alternative housing-with-care models through co-produced films, workshops and a briefing paper. This work is innovative in that it addresses an emerging situation, works with people with dementia to find solutions, and seeks to learn from people with dementia in other countries where alternative housing-with-care models are further advanced.


Upcoming Events


Dining for Engagement


This interactive school focuses on the experience of dining for people with dementia. The practical one-day workshop covers the essential ingredients and skills needed to create enjoyable and engaging meal time experiences for older people and people with dementia. Participants have an opportunity to enhance their cooking and presentation skills under the expert guidance of Executive Chef and Food Ambassador Peter Morgan-Jones. For further information click here.

Forthcoming schools:

 -       9th June 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland



Introduction to Dementia-Based Design

This practical one-day workshop will introduce participants to design principals and features including lighting, acoustics, interiors and outdoor spaces. This interactive school will focus on the fundamental principles of designing better environments for people living with dementia. Participants will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge under the expert guidance of Senior Consultant, Professor Mary Marshall and Architect and Landscape Architect, Annie Pollock.

 Forthcoming workshop:

- 27th June 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland




Scottish Caring and Dementia Congress, 19th April 2017, Edinburgh

-       PLENARY Challenging behaviour, challenging practice Dr Julie Christie


Alzheimer Scotland Conference, 2nd June 2017, Edinburgh

 -       PLENARY HammondCare’s innovative approach to food & drink including menu creation A/Prof Colm Cunningham and Peter Morgan-Jones

-       PARALLEL Nutrition, food and drink Peter Morgan-Jones

-       PARALLEL Caring by design: function vs aesthetics A/Prof Colm Cunningham